Pure Sine Wave Inverters and Battery Chargers


Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

COTEK inverters series SP, SE and S are the best solution for loads highly sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

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Pure Sine Wave Inverters with Transfer Switch

Wave Inverters with Transfer Switch

With a built-in transfer switch, the SD series inverters automatically deliver mains power to the loads when it is available.

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Compact Battery Chargers

Compact Battery Chargers

The COTEK CX battery chargers, light and compact, are controlled by a microprocessor for fast and accurate charging of lead, GEL, AGM or Lithium batteries.

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Pure Sine Wave Inverter-chargers SC Series

Inverter-chargers SC Series

Combined 2 output charger + pure sine converter with intelligent software for battery management.

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Compact Modular Inverter SR-1600 PLUS


The 19" inverter is a compact modular inverter providing pure sinusoidal AC power.

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Rack Mount Inverter - 1000W

Rack Mount Inverter

Pure sine converter (TDH > 2%), for rack mount.

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COTEK Electronic Company Ltd has been committed to providing innovative products, proactive service and total quality assurance for over 30 years.

COTEK has acquired a reputation as a manufacturer of quality pure sine wave inverters and microprocessor controlled battery chargers.

COTEK products are well known worldwide for their reliability and ease of installation. They are installed as original equipment on emergency and recreational vehicles, military and marine applications, off-grid systems…

Emergency and recreational vehicles, military and marine applications, off-grid systems

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