Compact Modular Inverter SR-1600 PLUS
Intelligent DC-AC Inverters

SR-1600 PLUS Serie

Onduleur modulaire compact cotek
Onduleur modulaire compact cotek

The SR-1600 PLUS Series DC-AC Inverters from Cotek. Systems consist of 1600VA inverter modules for either 24V or 48V inputs, a bespoke 2U subrack and system controller, with options for remote control and maintenance bypass switches.

The SR-1600 PLUS has a 89 – 91% efficiency in dc to ac mode, but also provides line conditioning of the ac input supply, making ideal for use in generator backed systems, or where the incoming primary ac supply can be variable or non-sinusoidal. The SR-1600 PLUS has a US-patented design with Power Factor >0.99 and the max AC efficiency 95%.

Key Features:

  • Modular / Scalable design
  • Compact & Hot swappable
  • Selectable DC Mode / AC Mode with zero transfer time
  • AC Line conditioning 75~132.5Vac / 150~265Vac)
  • Advanced Communication / SNMP / RS485 Modbus
  • Full input and output protection

Block diagram

Schéma de principe

Modular Design

The SR-2U2 PLUS subrack can accommodate up to 4 x SR-1600 PLUS modules, providing between 1600VA and 6400VA outputs, with options for redundancy and upgrades.

The overall system is scalable with up to 8 subracks or 32 modules connected in parallel capable of supplying up to 51.2kVA.

Support output parallel connection and redundancy (N+1)

Modular Design

Easy Maintenance by Hot Plug and Swappable Module

SR-1600 PLUS System

Compact Size

Each SR-1600 PLUS inverter DC to AC Inverter provides 1600VA of output power from a 105 x 83 x 405mm plug in footprint which operates from within a 2U x 509mm subrack.

Options are available with 24V or 48V DC Inputs and either 120V or 230V AC outputs. The SR-1600 PLUS is primarily designed to operate with its own bespoke 2U subrack, but support is available to use the units as stand alone inverters. Blanking panels are available to support unpopulated slots, which can then be used for future expansion. All units are 100% hot swappable in live systems for both maintenance and system upgrades.

Selectable Operating Modes

The SR-1600 PLUS system can be used in multiple operating modes:

  • DC to AC Inverter, where the input source is a DC or Battery Supply
  • AC Mode, with DC Back-Up with zero transfer time

Input Line Sharing

The SR-1600 PLUS is capable of sharing the splitting the load between the AC and DC input source, making it ideal for use in renewable energy applications where either the DC supply is not available 100% of the time, or to take advantage of cheaper night-time AC sources.

Input Line Sharing

AC Line Conditioning

The SR-1600 PLUS is able to accept in a wide range of ac inputs (min +/- 20%), and provide a regulated adjustable ac output within a 2% tolerance. This feature makes the SR-1600 PLUS ideal for systems where generators, or poorly regulated ac supplies are unable to support modern IT equipment.

Advanced Communication

The SR-1600 PLUS rack is fitted as standard with an RS-485 Modbus port which allows users to control and monitor key parameters within the system, including voltage settings, operating mode, output power, internal temperatures and protection parameters amongst many others.

Subracks can also be supplied with the SN-1 PLUS interface providing full ethernet support, either through a router or direct connection to a PC. All aspects of the inverter can be controlled via a web browser.

Alternatively, there is also the option for the CR-21 PLUS to be fitted which allows the SR-1600 Plus to be programmed at a local level.

Each system also comes as standard with a set 3 analogue alarms (Major, minor and configurable) for connection to external systems as well as 2 digital inputs which can be used to provide monitoring of ancillary equipment.

Remote management

On-site management

Full Input & Output Protection

Each SR-1600 PLUS is fully protected against reverse polarity connections and will also shutdown if the input levels are outside of the specified levels, not damaging the system. Alarms will be raised just before the system shuts down.

Both AC and DC outputs are protected against overload, short circuit and over-temperature operation.

The SR-1600 PLUS inverter system is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of industries, including Telecom, Datacom, Satellite communications, Power generation, Renewable energy, Military, Transportation and Broadcast.


Télécom / Datacom

Telecom / Datacom

Communication par satellite / Centrale d'énergie

Satellite / Power Station

Énergie renouvelable

Renewable Energy




Transportation / Train Station

Radiodiffusion / Télédiffusion



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